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Trail Angels

Last update: 03/17/2012 05:00 PM.

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San Diego: Scout and Frodo

We thru-hiked the PCT in '07 and have hosted hikers in San Diego for the past three seasons. We can provide transportation from the airport or train or bus station, a place to stay for one night or several, some home-cooked meals, and a ride to the border. We have six available beds, plus a loft bed in the treehouse, plus a tent trailer. We are walking distance from two supermarkets and the post office, and a short drive from REI. We are helping to organize a network of San Diego hosts, so can likely find you transportation and a place to stay if we're booked full.

Scout and Frodo (Barney and Sandy Mann)

Lake Arrowhead: Bruce and Carol Wagner

Hello, PCT hikers. Greetings from Bruce and Carol Wagner in Lake Arrowhead, CA. What do you need? Mailing services? Hot bath? Laundry? Lunch? Local transportation? Perhaps we can assist. We're a bit familiar with your situation when you get this far Carol's brother, Carl, did the Trail in 1977 (your Webmaster, Carl Siechert). I have a bit of mountaineering experience too; Muir Trail in 1957, Mt. Rainier in '72, and several of California's 14K peaks. This year we expect to be home in the Lake Arrowhead area during much ofthe "season" for PCT hikers trekking through our area.

As you may have noticed from your maps, we are a one-day (tough) or two-day (easy) hike west of Big Bear, in the San Bernardino National Forest. We can provide good directions (and possibly a lift) to our place or other desired local destinations. The Lake Arrowhead area has many convenient services: supermarkets, pharmacies, post office, fast food or fine-dining restaurants, hardware stores, etc. Find the west end of Hook Creek Road on your maps (Cedar Glen). Our place is about half way around, above the northwest corner of the lake.

So, if you'd like to avail yourself of some local hospitality, call us from Idyllwild or Big Bear and let us know when you'll be in our area and inquire about what we can offer. That will largely depend upon whether we are home and the volume of requests received. Please do not assume that leaving a voicemail will assure you of a shower or laundry facilities! We've hosted a few PCT hikers over the years. They've been enjoyable visits and we hope that some of you might be able to drop in.

Bruce and Carol Wagner
PO Box 1872
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-1872

Weed/Lake Shastina: (JoAnn 'are we there yet' Michael)

JoAnn and Emory live in the community of Lake Shastina, southern portion of the beautiful Shasta Valley in true Northern California. If you need replacement gear we can get you to Fifth Season in Mt. Shasta or if you want to climb Shasta, send me an e-mail. Our door, unfortunately, is not 'always open' but advising me ahead of time that you plan a zero in our area, we'll be glad to provide meals, laundry, computer, TV in one room and beer, lots of beer! Two guest rooms: one for two people; one for a single; small but full, private bath. Available on a "first contact-first served" basis. Not always available but when I am, I'm glad to help. Contact me before you leave or while in Sections O, P or Q, and I'll put you on my list.

JoAnn Michael

Skykomish: Dinsmore's River Haven (Andrea and Jerry Dinsmore)

The Dinsmores have been opening their home to PCT hikers since 2003. Effective with the 2009 hiking season, the Dinsmores have moved 8 miles west of Skykomish to the town of Baring (about 23 miles west of the PCT at Stevens Pass). Hitch to Baring on Hwy 2 mile marker 41 and get out at the Baring Store. From the Baring Store go over the tracks and take the first left. Our new place is 2 acres of park-like setting. Look for the huge garage and yellow house. The Dinsmores offer inside or outside crash and burn, laundry, kitchenette, Internet, phone, showers, mail pick up and an occasional BBQ.

All resupply boxes must be mailed in care of the Dinsmores if you want us to pick them up and hold them here. We have a very small PO and if you are staying with us please allow us to store your boxes here at the house. We make our morning run to Skykomish each day at 10am if you need a ride back there. We are not making runs anymore to the trailhead as a rule.

  • USPS address: Dinsmore's Hiker Haven, (your name), PO Box 374, Skykomish, WA 98288
  • UPS and FedEx address: Dinsmore's Hiker Haven, (your name), 63330 NE 197th Place, Baring, WA 98224

Please note different towns for USPS and UPS/FedEx
*Arrival date on all packages please*

360.677.1237 home
206.954.2521 Jerry's cell
253.973.3495 Andrea's cell