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2002: ADZPCTKO 4

What a great kick off, even with a bit of rain trying to dampen our spirits! The ADZPCTKO has now grown to the point where it is nearly impossible to clearly identify all of the contributors of the time, resources, and labor that made this great event possible. This was one of our goals as creators of the ADZ: to build a sense of giving and support so strong and so convincing that others would be drawn in to contribute alongside the originators. In time this groundswell of support would then sustain the event into the future.

Thank You! Thank you to the current aspiring hikers, the past thru and section hikers, the trail angels, the weekend warriors and the PCT supporters who make this event great. We, the organizers, merely make the logistics flow to enable the event to go on. (We’re rather boring people, except for Tom!) No, the event is centered on trail people, good people, great ideas, solid long distance hiking strategies, innovative equipment, aspiring-for-adventure attitudes and a draw to the wilderness.

Thank you to the past thru-hikers that came back to help draw the class of 2002 into the PCT trail magic. 

Thank you Trail Angels for coming to help, meet and inform the class of 2002.

Thank you equipment experts for your contributions of innovative products, materials and ideas (packs, tarps, tents, tent stakes, pop-can stoves, Tyvek, etc., etc.).

Thank you water stashers for your hard labor and precious gift!

Thank you PCTA for your stewardship, preservation and determination in trumpeting the virtues of the trail.

The “unofficial” organizers of the 4th ADZPCTKO