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Schedule of Events

Friday, April 26

Fast hikers and party-hearty types arrive by foot, by car, by horse, and by parachute.

Saturday, April 27

Hikers straggle in from the border throughout the day.


Bear canister revue and packing demonstration. Tom "The Rogue" Reynolds will show the latest in overpriced, overweight bear canisters. He will then demonstrate how to grind your food into a fine powder and compress it in such a way that you can get enough food to hike from Kennedy Meadows to VVR and still have 2 pounds of pulverized food left over to put in your drift box.


Bear canister unpacking demonstration. Mad Monte Dodge, the famous 1977 PCTer who has the strength and intelligence approaching that of a park-trained bear, will attempt to extract the food from a Tom Reynolds Wrapped bear canister. He'll be wearing bear-like mitts and perhaps bear-like fangs. We'll learn once and for all if a bear canister with a Snickers bar inside can withstand the assault of a large hungry omnivore.


Let's eat. If Monte is successful, we'll feast on the food powder packed by Tom. If not, we'll have grubs, worms, berries, and . . . what? Burgers?


2nd Annual Great Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gear and Invention Revue (AGPLDHG&IR). Hikers past, present, and future will showcase their inventiveness, versatility, and desperation. See new ways to achieve lighter packs and more comfort along the trail. A panel of celebrity judges - who are subject to pressure from the French skating federation - will award prizes for the best stuff.


Water in the desert, snow in the mountains. While we're tanking up on beer, wine, and soda, some extraordinary trail angels - better known as water stashers - will describe the water situation in southern California. If you get too parched just thinking about it, don't fret: the discussion will also include updates on mountain snow conditions.