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Long Distance Hiking Gear and Invention Revue (part 2)

The Winners

First Prize went to Steve "Inspector Gadget" Stevenson for his innovative, compounding, hollow wood pack, carbon fiber tent stakes, high-efficiency pop-can stove system, and home-made bear canister

2. Sanne "Ready" Bagby for her webbing chair

3. Terry Thompson for a home-made, 2-man, 3.1 pound sil-nylon tent

4. John "Cupcake" Brennan for his obscene-looking Nut Butter Container and Shipping System

5. Lyle Boelter for his well-thought-out poncho modifications

6. Llama lady Marion Davison for "the Equalizer," a stand-up tool that puts women on equal footing with men

7. Ivan "Ivy" for his foil mylar umbrella cover

8. Chuck "Igor" Kudija for his small-item organizer

9. Jeremy "Hungry Howie and the New Sushi" Padgett for his home-made down quilt (with sewing direction from Mom, who got Honorable Mention)

10. Harry Dyson for his zipper-back Frog Toggs jacket

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