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Trail Register 2002

Near as we can tell, this is who showed up at the fourth ADZPCTKO, held April 27, 2002.

Looking for someone? Note that, unlike the pre-event register, this one is sorted by last name. There's a handful of people at the end of the list for whom we don't have last names.

Corrections or changes? Contact Carl at ADZPCTKO Central.

Totals by category

2002 hiker
Previous hiker
84 14 17 35 24 88 260
Registered, did not attend
16 2 1 8 29


Trail name
First name
Last name
Sabine Airieau Unregistered
Derrick Anderson Unregistered
Jesse Anderson Unregistered
Joe Anderson Angel Green Valley, CA (PCT mile 477)
Terrie Anderson Angel Green Valley, CA (PCT mile 477)
John Angles Unregistered
Sandy Angles Unregistered
Michael Arbogast 2002 hiker
Matt Matt Arnold Wannabe Santa Monica, CA
FannyPack David L Atkinson Jr Previous hiker Highland Springs, VA
Hibiscus Jenny Bae 2002 hiker Portland, Oregon
Spur Chris Bagby 2002 hiker Atlanta, GA
Ready Sanne Bagby 2002 hiker Atlanta, GA
Sage Sterling Barlow 2002 hiker Chicago, IL
Bryan Beckwith Unregistered
Journeyfilm JB Benna Previous hiker Los Angeles
still deciding Katie Bennett 2002 hiker Eugene, Oregon
Kelty Kids (1) Bill Berg Previous hiker Pasadena
Paula Berg Groupie Pasadena
Liz Bergeron Wannabe Sacramento
Kevin Bevtrmin Unregistered
Chilly Eric Bish 2002 hiker Olympia, WA
Lyle Lyle Boelter Groupie San Diego
Rogue Jeff Bohannon 2002 hiker San Diego
Grizzly Greg Boone Unregistered
Flu Her By Monica Bowman Unregistered
Cupcake John Brennan 2002 hiker Santa Cruz, CA
Cathy Brewer 2002 hiker Sunnyvale, CA
Colby Brokvist Unregistered
Daughter - Marge (the old gal) Carol Brown Groupie Hailey Idaho
Barbara Bucy Previous hiker Duarte, CA
Karen Burke Unregistered
Ron Burke Unregistered
Robert Burroughs 2002 hiker San Diego
Cadence Lisa Campbell 2002 hiker Ontario, Canada
Sleekhiker Barbara Carlson Wannabe
Fred Cauthen 2002 hiker Georgia
Red Patrick Chamberlain 2002 hiker Fairfax California
Poly Lindsay Chapman 2002 hiker Minnesota
Ester Cara Chapman 2002 hiker Minnesota
Tom Chayra Unregistered
Sarah Childs 2002 hiker Santa Rosa, CA
Richard Claus Unregistered
Bill Clock 2002 hiker GASTON, IN
Linda Linda Conrad Wannabe Washougal Wa
Sandy Constance Unregistered
Matt Cote Unregistered
Squeak Jason Cramer Wannabe El Cajon, San Diego
Rick Crawford Unregistered
Zac Creamer Unregistered
El Duko Earl Cryer 2002 hiker Otay California
same as real name India Cumming Wannabe Mar Vista, CA
Ben Curtis Previous hiker Duxbury, Vermont
Ryman Curtis-Mclane 2002 hiker Hanover, NH
Fayre Danz Unregistered
Beth Davis Wannabe San Diego
Ralph Davis Wannabe San Diego
Marion Davison 2002 hiker Apple Valley, CA
Ray Davison 2002 hiker Apple Valley, CA
Gerad Dean 2002 hiker Bend, Oregon
d-low Michael Dilorenzo 2002 hiker east greenbush, ny
san diego truckers Mark Dobransky Previous hiker
Mad Monte Monte Dodge Previous hiker Olympia Washington
Marmot Kelley Douglas 2002 hiker Barrington, Illinois
Laraine Downer Angel Santa Rosa, California
Paul Downer Angel Santa Rosa, California
Harry Dyson Previous hiker Mason Michigan
Bonny Ebright Groupie Apple Valley, CA
Moose Craig Ebright 2002 hiker Apple Valley, CA
Silver Bullet Ray Echols Unregistered
Eckert Jeff Eckert Groupie La Mesa (east San Diego)
Meadow Ed Faubert Unregistered
Natalie Fiocre Unregistered
Todd Foster Wannabe Tarzana, CA
Dawn Fra Unregistered
Flying Funk Brothers Gary Funk Previous hiker
Flying Funk Brothers Steve Funk Previous hiker
Switchback Steve Fuquay Wannabe Las Vegas, NV
Dan Galvagui Unregistered
trailmoose Michael Garcia Groupie Burbank Calif
Iron Chef Matt Geis 2002 hiker San Francisco, CA
StarMan 2001 Frank Gilliland Previous hiker Issaquah, WA
Keith Green 2002 hiker San Diego
Monte's Sister Barbi Guile Groupie
John Gwynne Unregistered
6 Pack Paul Hacker Previous hiker Bakersfield, CA
Trish (& 2 kids) Hacker Groupie Bakersfield, CA
Itsy Bitsy Spider Craig Haire 2002 hiker Johnson City, TN
Craig Hall 2002 hiker Stroudsburg, Pa
Vic Hanson Wannabe Torrance, CA
Mike Hanssen 2002 hiker Honolulu, Hawaii
Brantley Hayes Unregistered
Fire Marshal Ken Hee 2002 hiker St Pete FL or Hawaii
Mark Heine Unregistered Chicago, IL
Scott Heine Unregistered
Charlie Herbst Previous hiker Duarte, CA
Helen Hillberg Previous hiker
to be determined Larry Hillberg 2002 hiker
mule 2 Barbara Hodgin Wannabe Sacramento
Coach Larry Hoff 2002 hiker Superior, Wisconsin
Kevin Hogan Unregistered
David Hough Wannabe San Jose
Strider Greg Hummel Previous hiker
Robar Dalton Ingraham 2002 hiker Orono, Maine
Ole Geezer Bill Bill Irey 2002 hiker Puyallup, WA
Ran Through Christine Irving Unregistered
The Bro Ross Jackson Groupie San Diego, CA
Holly Hobbie Leigh Jaques 2002 hiker British Columbia, Canada
Gottago Linda Jeffers 2002 hiker Tarzana, CA
AsABat Bill Jeffrey Wannabe North San Diego County
Teutonic Knight Bill Jennings Previous hiker Bonsall, CA
kidd Andy Johns 2002 hiker Redondo Beach, CA
Erin Johnson Unregistered
Jeremiah (Seth) Johnson 2002 hiker Maine
Hawkeye Mike Johnson Unregistered
Charlie Charlie Jones Angel Rancho Bernardo (San Diego)
Sunny Jones Unregistered
Load Lloyd Joyce 2002 hiker Lawrence, Pa.
Switchback Sue Courtney Karafa 2002 hiker Michigan
Nathan Kasukonis Unregistered
Joy Kaut Unregistered
Tim Key Unregistered
the UK Clangers Liz Krof Unregistered
Satellite Frank Kroger Previous hiker Berkeley, from Netherlands originally, from Seattle more recently, also from UK
Flying Dutchman (in my AT days) Robert Kruyt 2002 hiker The Hague, The Netherlands, Europe
Ceanothus Christine Kudija Previous hiker
Igor Chuck Kudija Previous hiker
Friend of the Old Gal-Marge Diana Landis Groupie Hailey, Idaho
Neil Larson Wannabe Berkeley, CA
Eric Lekuen Groupie Carlsbad CA
Stuard Lekuen Groupie
Thomas Lendi Unregistered Switzerland
Sumara Brad Link 2002 hiker Castle Rock ,Washington
Rose Link Groupie Castle Rock ,Washington
Paul Lowes Unregistered
Strawberry Girl Abi Lowther Unregistered
Blackhawk Roger Lowther Unregistered
Stepheni Lundberg Unregistered
Bill Maddrell Unregistered
Lonetail Al Mader Previous hiker Huntington Beach
Mags/Magaroni Paul Magnanti 2002 hiker Boulder, CO by way of Rhode Island
Sean Majka 2002 hiker
Dreamwalkers Prem Makeig Wannabe Cardiff, CA
Dreamwalkers Scott Makeig Wannabe Cardiff, CA
Hemann Ed Mann Unregistered
Shemann Sharon Mann Unregistered
Hal Margolis Unregistered
Ken Martin Previous hiker Portland, Oregon
Ben Matthews 2002 hiker
yosemite john John Mazurkewitz Previous hiker yosemite national park
Dave McCarren Unregistered
san diego truckers Marty McCormick Previous hiker escondido
yogi Jackie McDonnell 2002 hiker Kansas City
Brian McFeely 2002 hiker Portland, Oregon
Travieso Dan McGuire 2002 hiker
David Meehan Unregistered
Tangent Edmond Meinfelder 2002 hiker Mountain View, CA
SAM Sam Merten Angel SAN DIEGO
JoAnn Michael Angel Weed/Mt.Shasta, California
Ashleigh Miller 2002 hiker Portland, OR
Chuck Miller Unregistered
George Miller 2002 hiker Montana
Read Miller Unregistered
Hiker's Oasis Paul Miller Jr. Angel Anza, CA
Fallingwater Ron Moak Previous hiker Portland, OR
Pam Moore Unregistered
Luzia Muller Unregistered Switzerland
Zachary Murray Unregistered
Joseph Newton Unregistered
Jennifer Noonan 2002 hiker Maine
Josh Nordell Unregistered
CHAZ Charles A. Nowell 2002 hiker Fonthill Ontario Canada.
Ben Nyblade 2002 hiker San Diego, CA
Haulin Oats Unregistered
Leslie O'Dell Unregistered
John Oldford Unregistered
Mama Bear Dee Olson 2002 hiker Suisun City, California
Papa Bear Ed Olson 2002 hiker Suisun City, California
id David Osborne 2002 hiker Sacramento, CA
Kim Owen 2002 hiker
Pam Owen 2002 hiker
Hungry Howie & The New Sushi Jeremy Padgett 2002 hiker Montgomery, AL
John Paul Unregistered
Lawrence Peabody Angel
Bill Persons Angel
Tracy Piniarczyk 2002 hiker keystone, co
Porno Jason Porto 2002 hiker Sacramento, CA
Phil Preston 2002 hiker
Marge (the old gal) Marge Prothman Wannabe
Wesley Pulley 2002 hiker Gwynns Island, VA
Parker Rajotte Unregistered
Crash Irwin Reeves Angel Beaumont, CA 909-845-3731
Bob Reiss Wannabe San Diego
Eugene Reiss Groupie San Diego
PA Plumber Jay Reynolds 2002 hiker Lancaster, PA
Tom Reynolds Angel Los Angeles
Rhonda Marli Rice Unregistered
Anne Riedman Angel San Diego / Borrego Springs
Chris Rinehart Unregistered
Francisco Riquelme 2002 hiker Santiago, Chile, South America
brick Brick Robbins Previous hiker San Diego
Flyin' Brian Brian Robinson Previous hiker Mountain View, California
John Rompel 2002 hiker Susanville, CA
nona Nona Rowat 2002 hiker canada and san diego
Chris Rowe Unregistered
Susan Rowe Unregistered
Help me make one up! Kent Ryhorchuk 2002 hiker Sunnyvale, CA
Eric Sapp Unregistered
Donna Saufley Unregistered
Mark Schieber 2002 hiker Kalamazoo, Michigan
Christ Jesus, don't get me started! Ben Schifrin Previous hiker Twain Harte, CA
Paul Schleuniger Wannabe TEMECULA CA.
Ken Schwarz Unregistered
blaze Tim Shaffer Wannabe albuquerque usa
Michael Shapiro 2002 hiker Arizona
Henry Shires Previous hiker Redwood City, CA
Nomad Dave Shoemaker 2002 hiker
Kelty Kids (2) Carl Siechert Previous hiker Pasadena, CA
Jan Siechert Groupie Pasadena, CA
Melanie Simmerman Unregistered
Bradley Skinner Unregistered
The Original Amigo Luke Snyder Previous hiker Sonora
Joe Sobinovsky Previous hiker Sacramento, CA
Shogun Larry D. Spagnolo 2002 hiker Currently from Murrieta CA.
inspector gadget Steve Stevenson Wannabe Fresno area
Tim Stone Groupie USFS PCT Mgr
Jon Storm Unregistered
Fleischman Nathaniel Strauss Unregistered
I don't know yet! Christine Stubbe 2002 hiker Lancaster, VA
Kelty Kids (3) Norman Switzer Previous hiker
Sly Bobby Sylvester Previous hiker Black Mountain, NC
BeadBoy Joey Taylor Wannabe La Jolla, CA
Terry Thompson Unregistered
Patch Tomassetti Unregistered
Frank Tripicchio Unregistered
Swiss Miss Claudia Tuor Unregistered Switzerland
Nikki Turak Unregistered
Martin Uy Unregistered
Glen Van Peski Unregistered
Thor Vandehei 2002 hiker Ventura, CA
Harriet Von Alkier 2002 hiker Abbotsford BC Canada
Beefcake Mary Elizabeth von Krusenstiern 2002 hiker Bellingham, WA
Kate Voorhees Unregistered
True North Wallentine Previous hiker Portland, Oregon
still deciding Kori Wanner 2002 hiker Cape Cod, MA
Nancy Ward Unregistered
Sky Pilot Eric Warner Unregistered
goslowgofar Katy Warner Wannabe yosemite
Capetown Jenny Jenny Watkins 2002 hiker South Africa, presently living in Georgia
mule 1 Howard Weaver Groupie Sacramento
Eric "The Red" Eric Weinmann Previous hiker Hercules, CA
Jim Wermers Angel San Diego / Borrego Springs
Achilles J. White 2002 hiker Orono, Maine
Mark Wille Unregistered
Simon Willis Unregistered
Jessica Joy Winters Unregistered
Friendly Bear Frank Woods Unregistered
Pennsylvania Jeff Jeff Zimmerman Previous hiker Linglestown, Pa.
Ivy Ivan 2002 hiker (lil bitty town),Texas
Trevor 2002 hiker Westbank, British Columbia
Breakaway Unregistered
Forever North Unregistered
Skypilot Unregistered

Registered, did not attend

Trail name
First name
Last name
Matt Borgmeyer Wannabe New York City
We have not yet recieved one. Josh Bradley 2002 hiker Prescott Arizona
Didi Rose Burris Wannabe Portland, OR
Blanca Castillo Wannabe Joshua Tree, CA
Ramona Sandy Cramer Groupie San Diego
Don Davidson 2002 hiker Fort Collins, CO
Leslie Davidson 2002 hiker Fort Collins, CO
Geoff Geoff Earhart 2002 hiker Burlington Vermont(Leadville Colorado)
Trail Ratz John Hachey Wannabe Ontario, Cal.
Tonto Kowalski Todd Homchick Groupie Los Angeles
John Hendrikus J. Kleiss Wannabe Rancho Bernardo Ca
Cross Country Cory Lampert 2002 hiker Denver, CO
Brent Lennox 2002 hiker Eugene, Oregon
scoobie Jon Lovejoy 2002 hiker Mission Viejo
Heavy Pack Taylor Maurer 2002 hiker Asheville, NC
EZ Ed Ed Molash 2002 hiker Olympia, WA
Sherry Sherry Olson 2002 hiker Atlanta, Georgia
pat Patrick Sexton 2002 hiker portland, oregon
Robert Vance Previous hiker seattle wa
Pack Mul Aaron Wieselman 2002 hiker Denver, CO
J. R. Williams 2002 hiker Prescott, Arizona
Jim Williams Wannabe Joshua Tree, CA
Stargazer Tim Wilson 2002 hiker Boston, MA
Haven't decided yet Daniel R. H. Young Wannabe Los Angeles area
Dean Young Wannabe Los Angeles
crispy Chris Zinszer 2002 hiker north carolina