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  • Several items have been donated to the ADZ for the purpose of raising funds.  An auction of this gear will be held on Saturday afternoon.
  • The Annual Great Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gadget and Invention Revue (AGPLDHG&IR) showcases the creative talents and inventiveness of hikers in their quest to build lightweight solutions to meet the needs of long distance trekkers. Prizes will be given for the truly creative, innovative, and ridiculous.
  • Switchback and several other folks will have my electronic scales for weighing gear.
  • The Shelter Review gives you the skinny on tents, tarps, and other shelters used by PCT hikers.
  • We'll have several presentations in the Pavilion, including:
    • Adrienne Hall of the USFS Darrington Ranger District in northern Washington has been spearheading the effort to identify the areas of trail wiped out by last fall's floods and provide an alternative route. She'll show pictures and maps, and have handouts available for thru-hikers.
    • "Walk," a movie about PCT 2003 presented by Scott "Squatch" Herriott
    • "What You, the Thru-hiker, Can Do to Help Us, the Trail Maintainers," by PCT Regional Trail Coordinator Pete Fish
    • "RESOULED On the Pacific Crest Trail," an encore performance ofJohn Oldford's movie about his 2002 through hike
    • "Triple Crown" DVD movie presented by Fiddlehead
    • "Flora of the Pacific Crest Trail," by Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
    • "Best of the PCT 1977," a multimedia presentation created by Mad Monte Dodge, featuring pictures taken by dozens of PCT pioneers on their 1977 thru-hike (World Premiere)
  • Need a lightweight groundcloth, fuel, or rainwear? "Mad Monte" Dodge will be selling Tyvek by the foot. He'll have a 50' by 9 ' roll, which he'll be selling at a buck a foot (e.g., 4 x 9 is 4 dollars). He also says he'll try to bring a few gallons of alcohol (free for hikers) for their stoves. Frogg Toggs are $67 per set (his cost). Just go see the fat guy with 2 kayaks and a Pirate Flag!! (He'll probably be in site 48.)
  • Recent massage-school graduates David Long (PCT '99, '01, '02) and Roselie Rasmussen are offering a free massage to thru hikers.
  • A volunteer group coordinated by the PCTA will be doing trail maintenance on the PCT south of Lake Morena. You're invited to help.
  • On Saturday evening, representatives of the PCTA will make a few remarks about the state of the trail. They'll be available to answer your questions throughout the weekend.
  • Throughout the weekend, a hiker box will be available for you to paw through other hikers' discards. You'll find some real treasures including equipment and food--and some corn pasta. At this trekkers' flea market, you'll also be able to get rid of the unnecessary items you found in your pack after the first 20 miles. You'll find the hiker box near the RV in site 62.
  • Linda Jeffers, John Brennan, and Jackie McDonnell, who hiked the PCT in 2002, are bringing a gift for everyone in attendance--an ADZPCTKO bandana. It's a great memento, and it's practical too: it lists all the resupply towns and mileages and includes hitchhiking signs. Thanks Gottago, Cupcake, and Yogi!!
  • A few hikers and other friends of the PCT who have come up with some innovative products will be showing (and selling) their cool wares in sites 59 and 60, including:
    • Shelters by Tom Hennessy (Hennessy Hammock), Ron Moak (Six Moon Designs), and Henry Shires (Tarptent)
    • Packs by Brian Frankle (ULA Equipment), Ron Moak (Six Moon Designs), Glen Van Peski (Gossamer Gear), and Bruce Warren (LuxuryLite Gear)
    • Documentary DVDs by Scott Herriott and John Oldford
    • Bear canisters by Jamie Hogan (BearVault)
    • Guidebooks and PCT logo gear by PCTA

See the Schedule for the times of these events as well as other (more important) events, like meals.

More Information

For latebreaking news and answers to common questions, check the Information Board near the RV in site 62. Do this before you pester Greg; otherwise he gets very testy.