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ADZPCTKO 6: 2004

This page was getting way too long (and way too slow for folks with dial-up access), so we've broken the alphabetical list into three groups, sorted by last name. Click one of the links at the left to view the lists.

There's now a list sorted by campsite, so you can see who you're stuck with. Registration for this year's ADZPCTKO has been overwhelming--much higher than last year, and significantly higher than we had originally estimated for this year. Therefore, the sites are pretty crowded--up to eight people in many sites.

The total registrations to date?

  • 430 registered (Last year we had 280 advance registrations)
  • 201 2004 hikers (Last year: 139 preregistered)
  • 90 previous PCT hikers
  • 105 wannabe PCT hikers
  • 88 PCT groupies
  • 40 trail angels
  • 9 staff members from PCTA, USFS, BLM
  • 13 ADZPCTKO organizers

Corrections? Changes? Let me know.