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Registered Attendees

Last update: 02/18/2006 06:05 PM.

Total registrations to date:

  • 593 registered (Last year we had 430 advance registrations)
  • 145* 2005 thru hikers (Last year: a total of 201 "2004 PCT hikers"--thru and section--preregistered)
  • 103* 2005 section hikers
  • 135 previous PCT hikers (Last year: 90)
  • 143 wannabe PCT hikers (Last year: 105)
  • 123 PCT groupies (Last year: 88)
  • 48 trail angels (Last year: 40)
  • 12 staff members from PCTA, USFS, BLM (Last year: 9)
  • 18 ADZPCTKO organizers (Last year: 13)

Campers each night:

  • 177 Thursday (Last year: 111)
  • 474 Friday (Last year: 298)
  • 506 Saturday (Last year: 319)

Meal preference:

  • 262 Meat (81%)
  • 63 Vegetarian (19%)

* The number of 2005 thru hikers and section hikers is undoubtedly low. That information was inadvertently tossed from the first (huge) batch of registrations--those done before March 6. I've heard from a number of the affected folks and corrected the record, but I'm sure there are others. I also failed to capture the meal preference from all those early registrants. Let them eat cake.

Corrections? Changes? Let me know.

The list of folks registered to attend has been split up into three four lists, sorted by last name. Click the links at the left to see 'em. (Sorry for the ridiculously slow-to-load pages. The lists of names come from Excel, and without going through a bunch of shenanigans, it produces some really sloppy HTML.)