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Schedule of Events

Last update: Sunday, March 02, 2008

Presentation coordinator Freefall (PCT 2003) has put together a schedule of events that ought to prevent boredom. Check it out.

Time Event Location
7:30 pm Trail Jeopardy™ Pavilion
9:00 2005 Photo DVD Presentation Pavilion
6:00 am Rides to the Border

Each morning, hikers gather to catch a ride to the border for a (usually) pleasant one-day hike back to Lake Morena.

In front of the Pavilion
7:30 Trail Maintenance Project

Pete Fish and the PCT Trail Gorillas maintain the trail we love...and they love to have help from others.

Site 8
10:30 Using an Ice Axe and Other Mountaineering Skills Pavilion
12:00 Mountain Lion Awareness and Safety

In this presentation by UC Davis’s Wildlife Health Center, Winston Vickers presents research findings from their Southern California Mountain Lion Project, including information that impacts human safety while recreating in and around the PCT.

1:30 pm PCT Water and Snow Report

A Kick-Off tradition! Meadow Ed provides critical water and snow information to PCT thru-hikers.

3:00 Useless Gear Contest Site 15
4:00 Health and Nutrition on the PCT

Join Meadow Mary and Billy Goat as they share their secrets on eating healthy on the trail and using herbal and natural remedies.

5:00 Dinner provided by Classes of 2003 and 2005 Site 15
6:30 Bears, Food, and Fire Safety

Rangers from USFS and NPS provide the straight scoop on food storage requirements and other hot topics.

7:30 Strider's Official Welcome Site 15
7:45 Weathercarrot's Class of 2003 Photo DVD Site 15
9:00 Deems' Photo Presentation Site 15
10:00 Locating Stars in the Night Sky (weather permitting)

Starman (PCT 2001) invites you for a night hike!

6:00 am Rides to the Border Pavilion
7:00 Pancake Breakfast provided by Classes of 2003 and 2005 Site 15
7:30 Trail Maintenance Project Site 8
8:00 Gear Contest Submissions Site 15
9:00 First Aid on the Trail Pavilion
10:30 Geology of the PCT

On the PCT you walk upon a section of the earth that offers one of THE most classic “cross-sections” of geology of just about anywhere else on earth. From tectonic plates to accreted terranes and strike-slip faults, come get a brief introduction to the complex history that will fall beneath your feet on your incredible adventure through space and time! Greg “Strider” Hummel and Paul Hacker lead this informative and humorous presentation.

10:30-2:30 Post Office Open

The USPS will send a contingent from Campo to accept your packages for mailing back home or up the trail.

Site 21
10:30-12:30 Silent Auction Site 14
12:00 Flora and Fauna of the PCT Pavilion
12:30 pm Silent Auction bidding ends  
1:00 Silent Auction winning bids announced Site 14
1:30 PCT Water and Snow Report

If you can't make it to Friday's presentation, join Meadow Ed for the encore performance.

2:00 Switchback's Superlight Gear and Backpacking Secrets Seminar Site 22
2:00 Volunteers needed to peel potatoes

Thirty volunteers are needed to peel 300 pounds of potatoes and make potato salad. See the Food Dude, Bob Riess, at the RV with the flagpole in site 15. Volunteers will each receive an engraved souvenir ADZPCTKO peeling knife. And Bob will be showing PCT videos on the big screen while we work.

Site 15 RV
2:30 Gear Contest Site 15
4:00 Group Photos

We'll start by trying to cram everyone in, and then go back through the years until no thru hikers are left standing.

Site 14
5:00 Dinner provided by ADZPCTKO Site 15
6:30 Bears, Food, and Fire Safety Pavilion
7:00 Gear Contest winners announced Site 15
7:30 2006 Photo DVD Presentation Site 15
9:00 Feature Presentation: Squatch's "Even More Walking" Site 15
10:00 Locating Stars in the Night Sky (weather permitting) Pavilion
5:00 am Early Breakfast for Hikers and Other Early Risers Site 15
6:00 Rides to the Border Pavilion
7:30 Trail Maintenance Project Site 8
Vendor Exhibits

See the latest ultralight gear from vendors including Six Moon Designs, Gossamer Gear, ULA, Tarptent, Bearvault, Pak-Lite, PCT Handbook, and Walk. In addition, outdoor retailer Adventure 16 will bring a selection of items you may have forgotten and will take orders for anything else you need--and deliver it to you the next day!

Sites 17, 20, 21, and 23

Informational Displays

Representatives of the US Forest Service (from Sierra NF) and National Park Service (from Yosemite) will be on hand to answer your questions about food storage requirements, fire regulations, permits, and so on.

Site 19
PCTA Store

Support the PCTA and get the guidebooks, maps, and PCT logo gear you need at the PCTA store.

Site 18

Pirate's Roost

The inimitable Switchback will paint your tent stakes with fluorescent paint so you won't lose 'em, weigh your gear, and offer his patented SuperSecrets of Backpacking.

Site 22
PCT Bandana

The tradition continues: Gottago and the Class of 2002 have created a new PCT bandana. It's free for this year's thru hikers, and only five bucks for others (and most of that goes to the PCTA).

Site 21
ADZPCTKO T-shirts for sale Site 13
Hiker Box

Paw through other hikers' discards and find some great treasures. Get rid of the junk you found in your pack after the first 20 miles.

Site 18, by the Information Board
Information Board

For latebreaking news and answers to common questions, check the Information Board, this year in three convenient locations to serve you!

  • At the first fork in the road (near site 18)
  • Where the trail from the south enters the campground (near site 33)
  • In the midst of this year's hikers (near site 72)