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April 22-25, Lake Morena County Park

Reports from ADZPCTKO 2010, the Extreme ADZPCTKO

Extreme cold (new record for April 22 in Campo: high of 49, eclipsing the old record of 51, set in 1957)

Extreme bad weather: Freezing rain, sleet, and hail Wednesday and Thursday during setup.

Extreme great weather: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were gorgeous, clear, sunny, not hot, light cooling breeze.

Extreme presentations: Including an exclusive showing of the not-yet-aired Pacific Crest Trail episode of America's Wild Spaces from National Geographic Channel--a show that uses the word extreme dozens of times.

What (was) New for 2010?

  • Film Festival, featuring videos submitted by the PCT community. It's not too late to enter your masterpiece...READ MORE
  • No cabins. The cabins are being rebuilt, and construction is not expected to be complete before the kickoff. That lowers the number of people we can accommodate, and it also means we don't have a place to send all the late-night revelers. This year, you have to get your revelry in early.
  • Meals by Monty. With the retirement of founding food dude Bob Riess, all meals will be prepared under the excellent and experienced direction of Warner Springs Monty "The Fun Goes Up when the Weight Goes Down" Tam.