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Film Festival
Gear Contest

2010 Schedule of Events

Last update: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Time Event Location
8:00 pm Trail Jeopardy Pavilion
6:00 am Rides to the Border

Each morning, hikers gather to catch a ride to the border for a (usually) pleasant one-day hike back to Lake Morena.

In front of the Pavilion
7:30-4:30 Vendor tables open Sites 4, 6, 7, and 8
8:00 Trail Maintenance Project

SCA trail crews coordinated by PCTA maintain the trail we love...and they love to have help from others.

Site 9
10:30 Desert Hiking Techniques

Matthew Long explains how to stay cool--and warm.

12:00 Flora and Fauna of the PCT - Christine Kudija

Learn why she's called Ceanothus.

  Lunch on your own  
1:30 PCT Water and Snow Report

Meadow Ed and AsABat present the latest intelligence from the front lines

2:30 Wellness on the Trail - Meadow Mary Site 71
3:00 Switchback's Superlight Gear and Backpacking Secrets Seminar Site 22
4:00 Mental Health and Hiking Pavilion
5:00-5:30 Dinner: Burritos

Site 15
6:30 One Pan Wonders with Dicentra

One Pan Wonders author Dicentra serves up some good ideas about food and nutrition on the PCT.

7:30 Strider's Welcome Site 15
8:00 PCT Video Shorts Site 15

Hikers need their sleep.

6:00 am Rides to the Border In front of the Pavilion
7:30 Trail Maintenance Project Site 9
7:30 Gear Contest Submissions Site 15
7:30-4:30 Vendor tables open Sites 4, 6, 7, and 8
8:00-8:45 Breakfast: Bagels by Dat (2005 hiker)  
9:00 Mountain Lions and Their Safety - Winston Vickers Pavilion
10:00 - 11:30 Silent Auction

Cool gear and PCT memorabilia on sale, with proceeds going to support ADZPCTKO. Bidding closes at 11:30.

Site 8
10:30 Mountaineering Skills - Ken Murray Pavilion
11:00-2:00 Post Office open

USPS will be on hand with a mobile post office so you can mail your bounce boxes up the trail and mail your unneeded gear home.

Site 4
12:00 Silent Auction winning bids announced Site 8
  Lunch on your own  
12:15 Forum Presentation: Pioneering Women of the PCT

Panelists June Mulford (1959), Teddi Boston (1976), and Carolyn Burkhart (1976). Moderated by Barney and Sandy Mann (2007)

1:30 PCT Water and Snow Report

Encore presentation; see Friday at 1:30.

2:30 Gear Contest Site 14
4:00 Group Photos

We'll start by trying to cram everyone in, and then go back through the years until no thru hikers are left standing.

Lake Morena boulders
5:00-5:45 Dinner: Burgerama Site 15
6:30 Bears, Food and Fire Safety

Rangers from USFS and NPS explain the rules and the reasons behind them.

7:00 Gear Contest winners announced Site 15
7:30 PCTA Presentation Site 15
7:45 Hike the Hill Presentation Site 15
7:50 1959: The First Thru-Ride of the PCT - June Mulford Site 15
9:00 National Geographic documentary: The Pacific Crest Trail Site 15

Rest up for an early start on Sunday.

6:00 Rides to the Border In front of the Pavilion
6:30-7:45 Quick Breakfast Site 15
8:00 Trail Maintenance Project Site 9
Vendor Exhibits

See the latest ultralight gear from vendors including Six Moon Designs and ULA.

Vendors will be at their displays from about 7:30 to 4:30 Friday and Saturday.

Sites 4, 6, 7, and 8

Informational Displays

Representatives of the US Forest Service (from Sierra NF) and National Park Service (from Yosemite) will be on hand to answer your questions about food storage requirements, fire regulations, permits, and so on.

Site 7
PCTA Store

Support the PCTA and get the guidebooks, maps, and PCT logo gear you need at the PCTA store.

Site 8

Pirate's Roost

The inimitable Switchback will paint your tent stakes with fluorescent paint so you won't lose 'em, weigh your gear, and offer his patented SuperSecrets of Backpacking.

In addition, Tom Figueroa of Kennedy Meadows will offer Internet access.

Site 22
PCT Bandana

The tradition continues: Gottago and the Class of 2002 have created a new PCT bandana. It's free for this year's thru hikers and section hikers, and only five bucks for others.

Site 1
ADZPCTKO T-shirts for sale Site 1
Hiker Box

Paw through other hikers' discards and find some great treasures. Get rid of the junk you found in your pack after the first 20 miles.

Site 22
Information Board

For latebreaking news and answers to common questions, check the Information Board, this year in two convenient locations to serve you!

  • At the registration desk (Site 1)
  • By the restrooms