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Registered Attendees

Last update: March 14, 2012 10:03 AM


WE ARE FULL AND REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. If you haven't yet registered, you're out of luck* for this year.

*If you're a thru hiker who walks in, we'll find a place for you even if you haven't preregistered.


Total registrations to date:

  • 743 registered (Last year we had 682 advance registrations)
  • 255 2011 thru hikers (Last year: 237)
  • 130 2011 section hikers (Last year: 91)
  • 182 previous PCT hikers (Last year: 188)
  • 185 wannabe PCT hikers (Last year: 102)
  • 101 PCT groupies (Last year: 95)
  • 71 trail angels (Last year: 72)
  • 48 staff members from PCTA, USFS, BLM, SCA trail crews, and vendors (Last year: 48)
  • 26 ADZPCTKO organizers (Last year: 21)

Campers each night:

  • 369 Thursday (Last year: 357)
  • 627 Friday (Last year: 585)
  • 628 Saturday (Last year: 583)

Meal preference:

  • 552 Meat (82%)
  • 124 Vegetarian (18%)

Corrections? Changes? Let me know.

Can't find your name?

It's probably because you didn't provide a first and/or last name when you registered. Pop me a note that includes your e-mail address, trail name, hometown, and whatever other sketchy information you provided originally, and our powerful data-crunching computers will match it up.

Journals and Trail Names

Because of the likelihood of duplicate, ambiguous, and changing trail names, all the registration data is listed by "real" (i.e., town) name. Use this handy-dandy decoder to find the real name of your trail buds--the folks you know only as "Trail Buds," "Duplicate," or "This Is My Real Name."

Click here to view links to all registered current-year thru hikers who have a website.