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Vendors and Sponsors

Last update: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the beginning, we've striven to maintain the Kick Off as a low-key, non-commercial affair. But our mission is to serve and educate PCT hikers, and an important part of that education is knowing what equipment to take along. So we've allowed a small, carefully selected group of manufacturers to participate each year. Many of them are thru hikers themselves, and all of them have created innovative gear that is uniquely suited to long-distance hiking. You won't find this gear at the big chains.

These are the vendors tentatively scheduled to appear this year:

Packs, Shelters, Clothing, and Accessories

Gossamer Gear

Backpacks, Shelters, Sleeping Pads, Trekking Poles, Accessories. Interviews with Grant Sible and Glen Van Peski

LightHeart Gear

Ultra-Light Backpacking Tents

Six Moon Designs

Packs, Tents, Tarps, NetTents, Bivy, Raingear


Ultralight Shelters

ULA Equipment

Packs: Catalyst, Camino, Epic, Circuit, Ohm, CDT; Rain Wrap


Hexamid Tents and Tarps, Backpacks, Accessories



Bear-resistant food canisters


Camera holder for your trekking pole. Interview with Rod Java

Yogi's Guides

Books, Maps, and Videos


One Pan Wonders


Walk DVDs and Sidetrails.net

Six Million Steps

Six Million Steps: An Inward Journey documentary film

Tuolumne Press

A Thru-Hiker's Heart by "No Way" Ray Echols

Wizards of the PCT

DVD from Jester

Yogi's Guide Books

PCT Handbook, CDT Handbook, Postcards, Bandanas, Resupply Lists


Adventure 16

Full service backpacking retailer for any last-minute needs

Other Sponsors

Big Sky International


Blackwoods Press

Ultralight Backpacking, PCT Atlas, PCT Calendar, Wall Map

Diana's Mexican Food Products

Etowah Outfitters

Ultralight stoves, tarps, tents, rain gear, and more

Mountain Laurel Designs

Wide range of unique and diverse UL gear