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Class of 2001 (continued)

  • Singing Steve (6/13, Evolution Meadow. He blames Monte Dodge for the predicament he's in. Actually, he said that Monte, his neighbor, inspired him to tackle the PCT.)
  • Michael (from North Carolina, hiking with Singing Steve)
  • Pam and Eric (6/13, 8pm, Evolution Meadow. They whizzed by us so fast I'm not sure I even got their names right. They asked us to tell Chuck and Christine Kudija "thanks.")
  • Michael Anderson (6/13, 9:30pm, Evolution Meadow. Hiking with no moon and no flashlight, he said they sometimes hike until 11:00. Hey guys, you're missing some great scenery!)
  • Atom Bomb (hiking with Michael Anderson)
  • Nathan (Thursday, 6/14, McClure Meadow)
  • Copper Top (6/14, Colby Meadow)
  • Scalpel/Aaron (hiking with Copper Top and Scalpel's dad, who's hiking from Kennedy Meadows to Tuolumne)
  • Valkyries/Emily, Pamela, and Genevieve (6/14, Colby Meadow. Genevieve wasn't feeling well, but the Valkyries march on!)

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