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Class of 2001 (continued)

  • Moonhoney/Brent and Amy (6/14, 7:25pm, Wanda Lake. Hiking the PCT on their honeymoon! How cool is that?!)
  • Miracle Mike (hiking with Moonhoney, Kam, and Citrus)
  • Kam (hiking with Moonhoney, Miracle Mike, and Citrus)
  • Citrus (hiking with Moonhoney, Miracle Mike, and Kam. True to his name, he was wearing an orange jacket.)
  • Eric (6/15, Wanda Lake. From Tennessee, hiking with Patch. They started on the same day, but hadn't seen each other in the 40-some intervening days.)
  • Patch (Who needs expensive trekking poles when some paint roller handles will do the job?)

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